Abominable is worth your time


Prudence E. Corrigan, Staff Writer

The new PG DreamWorks Abominable movie is worth it. A great movie for the little ones. With many funny and adorable parts I would give this movie 5 stars.

My favorite part was when the three children were laying with the monster looking up at the sky, it was a very cute lovable moment between the four of them.

Another part I really enjoyed was when she was playing her violin and she first discovered the fluffy little monster. They become friends and then the monster meets the two other characters, two little boys. These three kids help Yeti get back home.

A very sweet movie with a lesson hidden inside that even if they’re not like you its always good to help someone in need. This movie attracts young children and parents with young children. Abominable is a very colorful movie with a lot of action; never a boring part in the movie. Giggles are constantly in the background from everyone. The little monster had special powers where he can make things grow faster. They escaped many times from the people trying to catch the Yeti monster.