What are goals for 2019-2020 Swimming, Diving Team?


Raegan Mikesell

Listing from left to right: Parker Marshall, Karli Bietz, Coach Morrison, Raegan Mikesell and Luke Mikesell.

Raegan Mikesell, Staff Writer

Every year, Coach Jackie Morrison has the challenge of picking the Swimming & Diving upcoming captains. In the past, the process of choosing captains was different. One season, all seniors were captains and other years two of each gender were selected to be team captains. This year, two captains from each gender were selected to make four Swimming & Diving captains.

Coach Morrison has a specific goal for every member of the Bison Swimming & Diving team:
“I’d like to see every swimmer and diver make a commitment to improving every single day in practice, be it skill performance, fitness, accountability to the process, and being a great reliable, dependable teammate. If everyone can strive to meet those standards, each athlete will definitely make an impact on our overall success.”

How did she choose the 2019-2020 Bison Swimming & Diving captains? Coach Morrison said: “Captain selection began last May. Juniors and seniors with at least two years varsity experience were able to apply. A job description was a part of the application process and if candidates were willing to accept the responsibilities, they applied. Evaluation of candidates included a variety of criteria throughout the spring, summer and fall. Based on evaluations and needs of the teams, possible nominees were interviewed a final time. If that went well, they were offered the position as captain. All captains must sign a contract of duties and expectations for the season. If they break contract, they may be removed. Leadership is an important part of our team success. We take it very seriously.”

The 2019-2020 Bison Swimming & Diving captains chosen by Coach Jackie Morrison are junior Karli Bietz, senior Raegan Mikesell, senior Luke Mikesell and senior Parker Marshall.

Each captain shares his or her goals for the team.

Karli Bietz: “I want the girl’s team to improve all together and win as many meets as we can and have fun!”

Raegan Mikesell: “My goals for both the swimming and diving team are for each individual to set a goal for themselves every single day and try their absolute hardest to reach those goals. I hope that accomplishing those goals will allow us to win as many dual meets as possible, win the district meet and send as many individuals to the PIAA State Championship as possible.”

Luke Mikesell: “I want the team to get along and have a lot of fun and see their progress throughout the season.”

Parker Marshall: “My goal for this season is for every team member to accomplish all their personal goals, win the district meet, and have fun all season long.”

Please note that the 2019-2020 Swimming & Diving meet schedule has been passed out to everyone on the team and will be posted on the Clearfield Swimming website.