Inside Look at the Only Religious Based Club


Nick Blowers

Mrs. Bookhamer

Nick Blowers , Staff Writer

At right is Mrs. Bookhamer, the current advisor of the FCA Club here at the high school. She was interviewed to get a closer look at the club in the hope of new members joining and understanding what it’s like to be a Christian athlete.

Have you ever wondered what FCA stands for? Mrs. Bookhamer explains it stands for “Fellowship of Christian Athletes,” and if you’re worried about having to do things out of school she also stated that “most of what we do is in school.” So no having to get community service time.

Our reporter asked, “Do you think a religious based club affects students of another religion?” Mrs. Bookhamer responded with “I hope they affect them for good. It is a good thing to respect and encourage each other in their beliefs. All faiths and religions are welcome in our club.” So, if you’re worried about acceptance due to religion don’t worry everyone has their chance to join. This is an all-faiths club.

Mrs. Bookhamer shared some history on the club: “The original Fellowship of Christian Athletes started in 1954. But it has been a part of Clearfield High School for at least 10-15 years. I am unsure of how long it has been a club here.”

What kind of activities does the club do? Mrs. Bookhamer said, “We do several things throughout the school year. On Wednesday, September 27, at 7:00 am we had our annual ‘See You at the Pole’ event. We gathered around the flag pole at 7:00 in the morning to pray for our nation and our school.  On the first Saturday in March we hold our annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament. This is our annual fundraiser. We use the money raised to offer our club members scholarships for college. We do other things throughout the year that vary with member interest. We have had cookie bakes, Trick or Trunk, etc.” If any of these events are appealing, you are welcome to join them on every Monday during activity period unless announced otherwise.

Asked what else she wanted to share about the club, Mrs. Bookhamer added, “We are a fun club that inspires, encourages, respects and values each other. We support each other with prayer and Bible study and learn about God’s will for our lives.” If athletics and God are big parts of your daily life, please check out the club.