Volleyball hosts Teacher Appreciation Night


Mrs. Davis

Volleyball players with the teachers of their choice.

Rachel Owens and Paige Rhine

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School Lady Bison volleyball team hosted its second annual Teacher Appreciation Night. On this night, the players choose a teacher that means a lot to them and has left an impact on them, and they honor them before the varsity game.

Not only did it leave an impact on the Lady Bison Volleyball players, but the teachers were overcome with emotions when they got the recognition they deserved. Hardly ever do students really thank their teachers for all they do, so that is what this night is about. Teacher Appreciation Night is about giving back to the teachers that do more for us than we can imagine.

“We feel that it is important to recognize the teachers that will impact our lives to a great extent,” said Bella Spingola, a senior volleyball player here at Clearfield Area High School. “This night is about making sure the teachers know that we see them as more than just people in a classroom.”

Morgan Cheek, a junior volleyball player, added: “This night is important because the teachers put up with students for years on end, and this is something new we started last year. It is important to recognize what our teachers do for us students. We feel that we need to let the teachers know that we respect what they do for us.”

Across the gym, the teachers that were recognized were honored to be chosen. They watched the following game with smiles on their faces. After they finished recognizing the teachers, they all got a picture so they could remember this moment.

The teachers that made an appearance on this night included Mr. Billotte, Ms. Kuntz, Mrs. Moyer, Ms. Knopick, Mr. Danver, Mr. Ryan, Mrs. Wittie, Mrs. Borden, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Stibitz, Mrs. Danver, Ms. Salvatore, Ms. Huff, Ms. Wingate, and Mr. Chelednik.