Teacher in the spotlight: Mr. Yingling


High school English teacher, Mr. Yingling at CAJSHS.

Emily Hanes, Staff Writer

Mr. Yingling is a high school English teacher at Clearfield Area Junior Senior High School. He is also the cross-country coach for CAJSHS. Many students enjoy having him as a teacher.

When did you start your teaching career?

Mr. Yingling: “I started substitute teaching in 2008, but didn’t become a full-time teacher until 2012.”

What made you decide to be a teacher?

Mr. Yingling: “I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life after college, and I began substitute teaching to make some money while I was figuring things out.  I also picked up a second job doing after school English and writing tutoring.  I really enjoyed the school environment and teaching in general, so I went back to school to get my teaching certificate.”

What is your favorite part about teaching?

Mr. Yingling: “I really like meeting new people (students, parents, colleagues, etc.) and doing things as part of the school community such as going to plays, sporting events, etc.”

What is the most challenging part about teaching?

Mr. Yingling: “The most challenging part is when a student has absolutely no drive or initiative about his/her education or future.  It’s difficult to watch someone waste the opportunities we have here.”

Who influenced you to be a teacher?

Mr. Yingling: “During my senior year of high school, my AP English teacher Mrs. Janet Coons really pushed me to work on my writing to the point that I even had part of my senior English paper published in a magazine.  She gave me so much confidence with my English skills that I ended up majoring in English in college.  I initially wanted to use my degree to go to law school, but eventually I used it to become a teacher.”

Where did you go to college at to get your degree in teaching?

Mr. Yingling: “I went to Bucknell University where I received my Bachelor Degree in English and Political Science.  I then went to Penn State University-Main Campus to get my teaching certificate.”

What do you like most about working with high school students?

Mr. Yingling: “I really like meeting all the new people every year, and having the opportunity to be a positive influence during this pivotal moment in their lives.”

How has being the cross country coach changed your life?

Mr. Yingling: “Being the cross country coach has been such an amazing experience for me.  I get to meet people and teach people in a way that is different from the classroom.  I’m constantly thinking about everyone on my team, and how to keep making them better.  It’s such a rewarding experience, and some of our achievements are memories that I know I will never forget.”

Would you say you enjoy running more than anything?

Mr. Yingling: “Running is definitely one of my favorite things, but I also absolutely love to cook when I have the time.  I love trying new or weird recipes.  I’d have to say that running and cooking are my two favorite activities.”