Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate


Cassie Eamigh, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a time where all members of family can gather and be thankful for what they have. This day is a time to pause and give thanks to our country. Gathering with family during Thanksgiving is a tradition for many families. Some people see it as a yearly reminder to focus on the positive and be grateful.

I feel that it is important to gather with family on Thanksgiving because year around, members of family could be struggling whether it is mentally or physically. Thanksgiving is a day where you shouldn’t be stressed and just appreciate life for what it is. Even if it is a small gathering with only immediate family or a larger gathering with relatives, it is important to spend time with them.

Thanksgiving is commonly known for the large variety of food, but for me this special day is much more than that. Every year, my family and relatives spend time together by gathering and eating turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, biscuits, sweet potato casserole and desserts. I have two Thanksgiving gatherings, one for my mother’s side and one for my father’s side. It is tradition at my mother’s side that when the meat from the turkey is removed, two of the younger children from the gathering make a wish and break the wishbone. At both gatherings, we collect around a large table to play board and card games. We all express how grateful we are for one another and everything we do for each other.