Bocce team attends major summit


Mrs. Hoover

Kimberly, Shaylee, Katherine, and Cruz

Austin McDanel, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, October 30, several Clearfield students were able to attend a major bocce summit at Central High School. Students in attendance included  Shaylee Sharp, Katherine Turner, Kimberly Wilsoncroft, and Cruz Wright, with supervisors including Mrs. Hoover and Mrs. Francisco.

According to Kimberly Wilsoncroft, while there they were able to take part in different group activities, meet students from other schools, play games, and listen to guest speakers.

The goal of the summit was to learn leadership skills and different things the team could bring back to the school such as new ideas and important life skills.

As for the future of the bocce team, the summit gave them new and improved communication and leadership skills which they can bring back this year and in future years.