Avry Grumblatt competes at States


Bella Spingola, Staff Writer

On Saturday, Nov. 2 a senior Avry Grumblatt who attends Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School traveled to Hershey, PA to compete in the PIAA Cross Country State Championship. Avry has been running Cross Country for 3 years, improving each practice to be able to be where she is now. Throughout her years of running Cross Country she was able to learn many lessons to hold with her when standing at the start line along with 207 other girls.

“I learned a lot about self-discipline, the limits I can push my body to. Most of all I just learned what it is like to work so hard for something you love, and to never give up until you hit your goal,” stated Avry. With holding this mindset with her throughout her race, Avry was able to place 111th out of 207 other runners with a personal best of 21:03. Many supported Avry with how far she has come, but someone who was especially happy for her was her coach, Mr. Yingling. “She worked so hard to get to that moment, and I was so happy for her and proud of her. I told The Progress Newspaper in the summer that she would make it to states, and I’m glad she proved me right,” stated Coach Yingling.

Being able to be a part of something so special will allow Avry to hold many memories with her from this experience. “My favorite memory from this experience was standing on the start line with 207 other girls while Coach Yingling gave me his final pep talk,” stated Avry. However, when looking back on making memories, she also holds all the ones from being on the cross-country team for three years. “My favorite memory would be Sophomore year when almost every girl on the team ran a personal best to win the Mountain League Championship Title,” stated Avry.

Although, when she finished her race at States that also meant that would be her last ever high school race for Cross Country. Even though that was her last race, she wasn’t quite finished with running yet. “Running will always be a part of my life. Although I do not plan to run in college, I will be running community 5ks and continue to train for my first half marathon. I don’t plan to ever stop running,” stated Avry.

Cross Country was a large piece in her life, a sport that she will always continue to advertise for upcoming high school students. “Join cross country! If you can make it through the first two weeks, then you can do the whole season. I truly have never had so much fun on a sports team and wish I could stay on it forever. Be involved and give it a try. I hope everyone can learn to love it as much as I do,” stated Avry. It is never too late to join a new high school sport, if any students are looking for a new, fun activity join Cross Country.