Movie Review: Let it Snow

Let it Snow Source:

Summer Wynn, Staff Writer

The Netflix original movie entitled Let it Snow is a PG-13 rated film that is based off of a novel that was originally written by the well-known author John Green along with many others. The movie depicts an out of the ordinary Christmas Eve, filled with drama, excitement, and some of the least expected plot twists.

Much like many other movies based off of books written by Green, two teenagers fall in love in the most coincidental ways. In this specific film, a well-known singer and your typical small-town girl fall in love, despite the circumstances that are placed upon them. However, the storyline is a bit bland and contains the expected cliché teenagers that are in most films based on John Green novels. Moody and love-obsessed teenagers fantasize about romances that will not work out, tragedy strikes for many of the characters and causes conflict, as well as many sincere moments between the main characters. Tragic flaws within these characters make their love stand out and end up not working out in the end like most dramas.

This film does, however, portray a classic Christmas tale that would be enjoyable for younger teenagers. The overall cinematography and editing are very well-done, which makes the film more enjoyable. The choice of having a choir sing most of the songs that are played throughout the film adds to the Christmas aspect and provides a comforting mood to the audience.

Overall, the film may be cliché in many ways, but the heartwarming feeling of Christmas joy outweighs that flaw in the film. If you love more “romcom” type movies, this one is must-watch this holiday season.