Christmas Music: Too soon?


Paige Rhine, Staff writer

For some, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It brings people close to their families, it celebrates religious beliefs, and it is magical for nearly everyone. There are stories about Christmas, movies and television channels about Christmas, and a wide variety of songs that you are more than likely to hear many times throughout the Christmas season. Christmas lovers will even start listening to the repetitive melodies right after Halloween. However, can listening to the music too soon be a bad thing?

Believe it or not, the music can have a negative effect on our brains. Psychologists told NBC news: “Playing Christmas music too early in the year can wreak havoc on one’s mental health (particularly if they’re constantly exposed to it, as those in certain retail environments may be). And there’s extensive neuro-psychological reasoning as to why these carols have such a profound effect on us.” Listening to the music too soon is shown to have an affect on our mental health, as for some it causes anxiety about the oncoming season.
hough the cheerful tunes are often uplifting, listening to them too soon isn’t a great idea. It is one thing to be excited about the wonderful season, but listening to the songs too early in the year isn’t the best idea.