Math tutoring at Clearfield High begins


Jason Plubell

The math tutoring schedule.

Jason Plubell, Staff Writer

Math can be a challenging subject for some students. The Math Department at Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School recognized this and decided to address this problem by offering math tutoring, according to Mrs. Bookhammer, a current math teacher within the High School.

She adds that tutoring can be beneficial to students as, “Sometimes when a student goes to do their homework, they may have forgotten how to do the problem. Tutoring can refresh their memory. Or sometimes students just need extra help and the tutor can explain the problem in another way that may make it clearer to them.”

When asked what the goal of these tutoring sessions is, Mrs. Bookhammer responded, “The goal of tutoring is to help all students be successful in mathematics. Sometimes math can be challenging and a student just needs some extra support.”

According to the math teacher, tutoring is offered to all grades 7-12. The extra help is offered Tuesday through Friday from 7:05-7:35 a.m. and from 3:00-3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday in the High School Library.

The tutoring is offered to all math subjects, and anyone who wants to take advantage is more than welcome.