Volleyball players coaching YMCA youth

Morgan Cheeck is coaching the navy blue team.

Rachel Owens, Staff Writer

The coaches for the Varsity and JV volleyball teams have expanded their program to elementary students to further their skill set for later years in volleyball. The coaches have started their little athletes younger and younger, so when they are older, they will understand the game and they will have more of a skill set towards volleyball.

The coaches have asked some of the Jr. high, JV, and the Varsity players to help coach these volleyball players at the Clearfield YMCA. The student coaches get into groups of twos’ up to groups of 5. In these groups the student coaches get their own team to coach and they set up games for the elementary girls to participate in. Therefore, they girls feel that they get to actually play the sport rather than just learn about it and the techniques that go along with the sport.

The student coaches consist of Rachel Owens, Jessicarain Griffith, Morgan Cheek, Olivia Bender, Zoah Mandel, Samantha Campalong, Chloe Sarver, Rylee Ogden, Olivia Rowles, Anna Twigg, Amy Ammerman, and Ruby Singleton. The head coach, Sandy Bailor, and the assistant head coach, Kelly Kaskan, have worked very hard for this program to continue for the elementary girls. This year the program was a lot more popular than it was last year. Last year, the student coaches were Rachel Owens and Morgan Cheek, with a few guest appearances from other varsity volleyball players.

Overall, the program has expanded since last year, not only with how many elementary girls attended but with how many student coaches there are. The grade level has also expanded from just Junior High to first through sixth grade and Junior High attends to learn from the older volleyball players.

The oldest student coaches were asked some questions about coaching the elementary students. Jessicarain’s overall response was, “I think that the student coaching is having a positive impact on the younger kids. It gives them an idea of what to be expecting and how the volleyball program is up in the high school. It also gives them a connection between the elementary and high school students.”

Morgan Cheek stated, “I think that the older girls helping the younger girls to understand the game helps us more because we have to think about the things we do and how we do them to help the elementary girls.” Both feel that it is a good program for the elementary girls and the high school girls. It’s also an amazing learning experience.