National History Day club continues for another year


Students in the National History Day Club.

Emily Hanes, Staff Writer

The National History Day club is a club at the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School advised by Mr. Tubbs with the help of Mr. Knepp. The club focuses on historical topics that interest the students. Each student in the club is a competitor for competition season. They take this time during the club to research and compile a project to present at regional, state, and national competitions. The officers for this club are:

President: Brian Achmoody

Vice President: Alex Lansberry

Treasurer: Joey Robertson

Secretary: Nick Flanagan

During competition season, students will need to travel. Fundraisers have been started to raise money for the competitions.  The regional competition is at Lock Haven University on February 28. If any of the students place in the top three of their categories, they will move on to the state competition in May.

Mr. Tubbs states: “This process gets students excited about history because they get to research topics that are of interest to them. They then get to become the ‘experts’ of that topic and present to others. It’s a great confidence boost as well as a great way to learn some skills that will help in life after high school.”

The club has doubled in size each of the years that Mr. Tubbs has been doing it. Last year all students went on to states and that is this year’s goal, too.

Club member Trevor Wain states his favorite thing about this club is: “The ability to be free and create any project on any point in history without worrying about grades or teacher’s stipulations.”