The art department decorates the art hallway


Sydney S

The art department has created a zentangle tree displayed in the art hallway.

Sydney Salvatore, Staff writer

The art department is creating a colorful display in the art hallway right next to the elevator on the second floor for everyone to see as they enter. They are creating a zentangle tree that will have leaves designed by students taking art classes. The display is hung up now for anyone to come by and see.

Ms. Kuntz and Mrs. Adams wanted to create a fun and creative project in the art hallway. They both created the tree trunk, and every student from their class decorated and designed a colorful zentangle leaf to put on it. The leaves were designed by the students at the beginning of the second semester. They were the first project for the new classes starting the new semester. One of the students, Emily Hanes, says, “It was a really fun and creative project that let everyone have and create their own zentangle leaves”

Ms. Kuntz says, “I really think that this project is going to be a fun way to welcome students into the art and family and consumer sciences hallway!”