Seniors: Tips for 2020 Scholarship Packet

2020 Scholarship packet

Raegan Mikesell

2020 Scholarship packet

Raegan Mikesell, Staff Writer

On Wednesday Jan. 29, 2020, the senior class received their scholarship packet. These local scholarships give the seniors an opportunity to earn money from what they have done throughout their high school career. The packets include a total of 44 scholarships: the first 28 scholarships require an application and the other 16 scholarships do not require an application.

The scholarship packets are to be organized and returned to guidance by noon on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Dr. Spaid has informed the seniors that no late submissions will be accepted, so do not wait until the last minute to work on these. The deadline will be here before you know it!

Dr. Spaid shared a few tips on how to effectively complete the packet:

Q. If students are having trouble with the scholarship packet, what would you recommend doing?
A. “They should come and see Dr. Spaid. She is happy to spend as much time as needed with any student who is having struggles with the packet.”

Q. What tips would you give to students who are interested in applying for scholarships within the packet?
A. “Get organized. First, ask teachers, coaches, bosses, pastors etc. for letters of recommendation. Write your personal essay. Ask one of the English teachers to look it over for you. Figure out how many scholarships you are applying for. Once you have a number, get copies made of the letters of recommendation, the essay, the financial statement, and your transcript. Once you have enough copies, set up an assembly line on your kitchen table and put them together. You can bring everything to Dr. Spaid’s office and assemble the packets there as well. Work on it piece by piece. It’s not overwhelming if you work on it a bit at a time.”

Q. Is there any information the seniors need to know about the scholarship packet that was not included/explained in the packet?
A. “I think I explained everything in the English classes. I just want to remind the seniors that their story is important to the scholarship committees. Brag about yourself in your essay or the essays you have to write for the scholarships. Be honest and tell them what sets you apart from other students. Apply for as many scholarships as you qualify for. Do not be afraid or think you won’t win. And remember, it all adds up!”