Students visit South Hills College

The finger print the college students taught the students how to take.

Rachel Owens

The finger print the college students taught the students how to take.

Rachel Owens and Paige Rhine

On Feb. 5, a group of around 30 students signed up to visit the college of South Hills School of Business and Technology in state college, PA. It was around an hour away form the high school and none of the students knew what to expect. When the students arrived, they found out there were many other students from other schools there as well.

As the students were greeted with muffins and drinks, a school official gave an introductary speech to all the students. They gave everyone an itinerary and the free will to go wherever they chose. They had multiple different majors and others different subtopics for each major and they allowed the students to sit through two lectures of their choosing.

The program visited first was the Criminal Justice lecture. Everyone was very nice, even the current students, and we had the chance to learn through partaking in different activities. They had blood swabbing, fingerprinting, dusting for fingerprints, and bullet hole molds. It was all very interesting and they did an amazing job teaching us about their college. Some students even taught us some of the struggles they had gone through to get to where they currently are.

Next, the group decided to sit through a lecture on a nurse specialist. However, the instructor currently did not have a class so we didn’t get to experience as much of a classroom environment as we would wish to. However, it was an amazing experience, nonetheless.

Overall, South Hills is a very easy school to navigate around and they offer many different majors for students. They have multiple dorms for student housing, and they treat their students very well by providing a number of resources that they are able to use in their college career. The campus is beautiful, and the environment there is extraordinary.