Junior High Helping Hands Club hosts Coin Wars


Cassie Eamigh

Junior High Helping Hands Club

Cassie Eamigh, Staff Writer

Every homeroom in Junior High and Senior High recently had the opportunity to participate in a fun and profitable event while having the chance to win a donut party. Students and staff brought in their loose change, and the homeroom with the most donations received the party.

The Junior High Helping Hands Club hosted this fundraiser to raise money for the Allegheny Spay and Neuter Clinic in Woodland. According to Mrs. Colna, club advisor, the money will be used to buy supplies for the clinic.

During the week of Coin Wars, four days counted towards each homeroom total. The last day was left for sabotaging, where students from other homerooms were able to deposit negative coins into the other totals.

This year’s homeroom winners for the Junior High are Mrs. Hoover with $43.85, but were sabotaged and left with $36.55 and Mr. Shimmel with $14.00. The winner for the Senior High is Mr. Yingling with $16.39, also sabotaged and left with $11.14.

Mrs. Colna, the Junior High Helping Hands club advisor, would like you to know that – although this is the very first fund-raiser the club has done –  they are very excited to continue helping with other clubs and organizations for upcoming events.