2020 Volleyball season looking strong for Clearfield


Jaclyn Yingling

Returning Varsity Letter Winners

Benjamin Luzier, Staff Writer

The Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School has many competitive sport activities. The girl’s Volleyball team is one such sport. The returning varsity letter winners for the 2020 season are Alaina Fedder, Morgan Cheek, Paige Rhine, Cassie Eamigh, Olivia Bender, Rachel Owens, and Lauren Ressler. The team captain this year is Morgan Cheek.

There are many seniors on the team that help lead the team, according to team captain Morgan Cheek.

“Our goals and expectations are simple: We want to continuously show improvement.  Coach Bailor and I hope to build a successful volleyball program over time, and our current team is working hard to take steps in that direction.  Volleyball at Clearfield has struggled over the last few years, but we are making every effort to change that.  We are at the point where the girls are fighting and competing every match, we just need to push through the close ones to come out with the win,” Coach Kaskan stated.

The upcoming games for the volleyball team can be found on the school website. There will be games every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from now until Oct. 27.

“The team has grown stronger since we started. We didn’t get to have summer workouts so that took a big toll on our season, but we have battled more than we have in the past couple years and it has shown in our playing. We have won some sets and we are working to eventually win some games,” exclaimed team captain Morgan Cheek.

The team has been having practice every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday since the start of the season and will continue to do so for the time being. “Having three games a week all season long is a grueling schedule,” Coach Kaskan said. With the large number of matches scheduled the season is bound to be full of excitement.