Movie Review: DJ Cinderella



Cassie Eamigh, Staff Writer

The Netflix original movie “DJ Cinderella” is a romantic comedy and is definitely worth watching if you want a family-friendly feel good movie. This movie is rated PG and is 96 minutes long, starring actors such as Maisa Silva and Filipe Braganca. It was released on Netflix on February 28, 2019 and it is directed by Bruno Garotti.

This movie is about a teen, Cintia Dorella, who is heartbroken when her dad’s affair gets revealed at her parents’ anniversary party. Her father gives her a hard time about her dreams of being a professional DJ which is shown throughout the film. Cintia lives with her aunt Helena and is schoolmates with her awful stepsisters Gisele and Graziele. After a series of comical circumstances, Cintia is accidentally hired to DJ her stepsisters’ birthday party, as well as social media singer-songwriter, Freddy. Will Cintia be able to pull off the task of being a DJ or will she blow this opportunity?

Overall, I think DJ Cinderella is nothing more than just another Cinderella movie. The movie throws in some scenes that do not really belong and not to mention the lead character is more less boring. The love and romance in this movie are hardly shown which is devastating for it being a Cinderella remake. I would recommend this movie to younger audiences, otherwise I say skip it.