Simon Says:

How the NBA Bubble has ensured player safety unlike other professional sports leagues



Simon Quigley, Staff Writer

With the NBA’s 2019-2020 season coming to a close, it is a surprise that they have even been able to complete the season at all considering the challenges that the COVID- 19 pandemic presented. How they managed to resume a season, most assumed wouldn’t come back at all, and are now in the mist of finishing the season that started just about a year ago in 2019 is without a doubt astonishing and should set an example for other professional sports leagues.

Starting back in early June, the NBA started what is called the “NBA Bubble” to finish their season and ultimately crown a champion for the 2019-2020 season. To do this however, there were strict rules put in place to make sure that no player nor person was at risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus that has shaken the world over the past nine months. These rules included only bringing 22 of the 30 total teams in the National Basketball Association and locating them at a Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida. Upon arrival at the Orlando resort, players had to quarantine themselves in their hotel rooms for 48 hours before engaging in on court practices or plays along with multiple test each day to make sure no one has got the virus.

I personally think that the NBA has done a fantastic job at getting their season revamped along with keeping all of the players safe and healthy while they spent their time in the bubble. Compared to other sports leagues the NBA has not only had no positive test, but they have also guaranteed an end to their season.

One league that I have disagreed with, however, is how the NFL has handled starting their season this year. Not only have there been multiple positive tests, there has also been games cancelled due to these positive tests. From my observations, it seems like the NFL is more focused on making money off their players rather than making sure all of their athletes are safe and healthy. For example, New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton had a positive Corona virus test, yet the team still played their game just a couple days after the announcement. Also, the Tennessee Titans football organization had more than 20 positive tests just within their organization alone. Furthermore, unlike the NBA the NFL has let certain teams allow a limited number of fans attend the games, which only increases the risk of potential positive cases.

All in all, I think that the NBA has done a magnificent job of getting a continuation of their season in the safest and most unique way possible. When it comes to player safety, the NBA excelled in that area of concern while other leagues like the NFL, have unfortunately failed to do that. In my opinion, other league around the nation need to take notice of what the NBA did and follow in the footsteps that they made to ensure player safety and find a way to complete their seasons in the safest ways possible.