Learn about our new teacher Mr. Franciscus


Alayna Lansberry, Staff Writer

Mr. Franciscus is the new 9th grade Biology and 10th grade Physical Science teacher. Mr. Franciscus agreed to do a question and answer for the October Stampede. This is his first year teaching position and below is more information about the new teacher.

Q: What subjects are you teaching and can teach?

Mr. Franciscus: “This year, I am teaching 9th grade biology and 10th grade physical science.  I am also certified to teach physics, earth and space science, general science, English, social studies, and middle school math.”

Q: What are you coaching this year?

Mr. Franciscus: “I am proud to say that I will be a part of the boys’ basketball coaching staff this year, and I am also coaching junior high volleyball this fall!”

Q: What all would you want to coach in the future?

Mr. Franciscus:  “I would like to continue to progress as a basketball coach, with the hopes of having the opportunity to lead my own varsity program in the future.”

Q: How do you feel about being a new teacher during the pandemic?

Mr. Franciscus: “I am obviously looking forward to when things will be back to normal, but I feel very lucky to be a teacher at Clearfield!”

Q: What are you looking forward to in the future at CAJSHS?

Mr. Franciscus: “I am looking forward to having the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of my students through both teaching and coaching.”

Q: What would you want students to know about you?

Mr. Franciscus: “I want my students to know that I am really enjoying being their teacher!”

Q: What type of impact do you want to have on students’ lives?

Mr. Franciscus: “I just want to have an overall positive impact on the lives of my students.  I want to help them make good decisions that will benefit them in the future and show them that when you choose to do the right thing, good things will come to you!”

 Q: What things do you want to be involved in in the future at CAJSHS?

Mr. Franciscus: “I just want to continue to be involved in the athletic department!”

Q: What college did you graduate from and what did you major in?

Mr. Franciscus: “I graduated from Slippery Rock University with a degree in Middle Level Science Education.”

Q: What hobbies are you in to?

Mr. Franciscus: “In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and doing anything that involves sports!”

Q: So far, do you like teaching biology or would you want to teach something else in the future?

Mr. Franciscus: “I love teaching biology!  I have a great group of students that work hard and make class very enjoyable every day!”