Join Clearfield’s Human Library while you can



Clearfield County Agency on Aging’s headquarters.

Ethan Yarger, Staff Writer

Clearfield County’s Agency on Aging is attempting to build a “human library” of sorts with a collaboration between students and older adults of the community. Students will have the chance to learn and document the lives of these experienced folk. Students in any grade can participate in this amazing opportunity; they should sign up with Dr. Spaid in Room 316 before November 20th.

It is “an intergenerational activity that stands, not only to build connections, but to educate folk through storytelling on different subjects,” says Director of Mission Advancement Bobbie Johnson of the CCAAA. The participants will be set up with an adult in their field of interest and can give their expertise on it. These meetings will be recorded and archived into an online database where the public can access and view the video docs.

“The wisdom of older generations is being lost, ” Ms. Johnson explains and this will be a great chance to “connect the generations” and create a web-based community of great information for all to see. Sign up today or before the 20th of November with Dr. Spaid to join in on this project.