Kindness for Kinsley collects for “Birthdays in a Bag”


Elizabeth Ryan, Staff Writer

“Kindness for Kinsley is a community service project that promotes acts of kindness in our community,” describes Kinsley’s mom, Emily Kronenwetter. “It was created by Kinsley’s mommy and daddy. Kinsley Kronenwetter is the daughter of a CAE elementary school teacher who passed away unexpectedly in January of 2018. Each month on the 15th, we wear bows (or bowties) and we do spontaneous or planned acts of kindness in the community. It can be as simple as raking someone’s yard or as complex as hosting a collection for a local nonprofit. The goal of Kindness for Kinsley is to fill this world with some of the sunshine that our sweet Kinsley would fill it with if she was still here today. You can follow our Facebook Page, Kindness for Kinsley, to learn more about Kinsley’s story!”

This year to honor Kinsley and to celebrate her 4th birthday, they are collecting and creating “Birthdays–in–a–Bag” which will be donated to Beverly’s Birthday’s in Pittsburgh. This is a non-profit organization that helps children and families in need celebrate their birthdays every year. Mrs. Kronenwetter explained that, “A birthday-in-a-bag is filled with all of the good things that you would need to host a family birthday party – cake/icing, birthday decorations, party favors, plates, forks, napkins, etc.” She also mentions that they have an Amazon wish list on their Facebook page that you can order from, and the order will go directly to them.

The collection for the birthday bags ended on October 31. The goal for the project was to collect and make 200 birthday bags. They were very hopeful and excited for this project. Mrs. Kronenwetter says, “I read a testimonial from someone who worked at Beverly’s Birthdays. They wrote that a child was so excited to receive a birthday in a bag!  She ran in to school the following day with tears rolling down her face, telling her teacher, ‘I had my first birthday party last night! We got to make a cake and even wear birthday hats!’ This little girl was 8 years old and had never had a celebration like that before. If we can add that kind of joy to someone’s life by doing something as simple as buying a cake mix and icing, then why wouldn’t we?”

As well as making donations for the birthday bags, you can become part of this cause by following Kindness for Kinsley on Facebook. They do many projects throughout the year, bigger ones around Kinsley’s birthday, and on the 15 of every month they promote acts of kindness in the community.

Kinsley’s mom, Mrs. Kronenwetter, has worked very hard to create Kindness for Kinsley. She says, “Kinsley’s pappy always said that she was a world changer, and you are capable of that too! It starts small within our own school and our own community. Make the decision to do something kind today – hold the door open for someone, wave at a stranger, write someone a positive note, say thank you, sit with the person alone at lunch – the possibilities are endless… But spreading kindness is simple yet can cause a ripple effect across the entire world. Be the reason someone smiles today and spread a little Kindness for Kinsley.”