Quick Oreo Truffles are easy to make


Kendyhl Luzier

The finished Oreo truffles

Kendyhl Luzier, Staff writer

Oreos and chocolate, two of nearly everyone’s favorite things. What could be better that both of those things you may ask? Oreos and chocolate, together, all rolled up into one little ball. They are quick, easy, and of course delicious. They are the perfect treat to make for parties but for now are the perfect thing to make to enjoy all on your own, and here is how you do it.

These truffles require only three ingredients:
1. 36 regular Oreos
2. 1 package of cream cheese
3. 16 oz of chocolate candy melts (white, milk or dark chocolate)

How to make the Oreo truffles:
1. Line a baking sheet with wax paper or parchment paper
2. Place 36 Oreos in a gallon size resealable bad and crush to fine crumbs with your palms and a rolling pin (This can also be done with a food processor if accessible)
3. Add the package of cream cheese to the now crushed Oreos and mix with a wooden spoon until combined (You can also use a stand mixer or electric mixer on low speed)
4. Spoon mixture onto the baking sheet in 1-inch balls
5. Place baking sheet in your freezer for 15 minutes
6. After removing truffles from the freezer, begin to melt your chocolate melts as directed on the package
7. You can then either cover the truffles in chocolate using a spoon or poke the truffles with a toothpick or fork and dip them into the chocolate
8. Return truffles to the baking sheet and allow the chocolate to set
9. Enjoy!

My personal tips for this recipe:
1. Make sure the Oreo mixture is fully chilled before covering in chocolate so they do not fall apart in the process.
2. Do not overheat your chocolate; it will get clumpy and very difficult to work with.
3. I found that poking the balls with a toothpick and then using a spoon to cover them in chocolate was the easiest and cleanest method.
4. Try to crush the Oreos as finely as possible so there are no big clumps when you go to roll your balls.

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