Q&A with Mr. Yingling about Creative Writing


Michael Odrosky, Staff Writer

Creative Writing is an elective course that lasts a semester. The class focuses on discussing and sharing pieces of literature. Students have endless possibilities when it comes to what they want to write about. Below are some questions students may have about the course, answered by Mr. Yingling.

Q: How long have you been teaching Creative Writing?

Mr. Yingling: “I have been teaching it for 6 years.”

Q: How did you get the opportunity to teach this class?

Mr. Yingling: “I really enjoyed my creative writing classes in college, and when I began teaching, I realized that Clearfield no longer had a creative writing course. I did some research, wrote a curriculum, and had it school board approved several years ago.”

Q: Why did you choose to take this position?

Mr. Yingling: “I thought it would be a fun yet challenging course to teach.”

Q: Did you take any creative writing classes in High School/College?

Mr. Yingling: “College”

Q: What is your favorite thing about this position?

Mr. Yingling: “I like when I get a group of students that are really into writing, discussing, and sharing pieces of their literature. It makes for a very fun and enlightening semester.”

Q: What is something you find difficult about this position?

Mr. Yingling: “It can be difficult when students do not want to share and discuss their material. It can also be difficult when students choose this class because they see the word ‘creative’ and think the class will be all fun and games. They tend to forget that there is the whole writing aspect as well!”

Q: What is your favorite piece of writing?

Mr. Yingling: “My answer for this could definitely change depending on my current mood, and I could definitely choose a favorite for poetry, or short story as well, but my favorite novel is probably Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. It’s a much deeper, psychological, and more powerful novel than even people who like it give it credit for.”

Q: Why would you suggest students take this class? How is it beneficial to them?

Mr. Yingling: “Students who take this class really sharpen their writing skills in many different ways and are also exposed to pieces of writing that they normally wouldn’t have a chance to read.”

Q: What is the curriculum for the class?

Mr. Yingling: “We have projects and readings that center on short story, poetry, satire, song lyrics, letters, speeches, and a final project of the students’ own creation.”

Q: What are some projects students seem to enjoy most?

Mr. Yingling: “Students seem to like the satire and song lyric projects the most.”

Q: Is this a semester class or full year?

Mr. Yingling: “Semester.”