Fun holiday activities for you and your family

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Amanda McCracken, Staff Writer

Many of us will be spending this holiday season at home with our families, so here is some fun things to do while stuck at home during Christmas break.

Since it is not recommended to host any type of gathering, a fun idea to do with friends is a contactless gift exchange. For example, you and a group of friends buy each other a gift and instead of getting together for the exchange, you all drop off the gifts onto each other’s front porches. This seems like a safer way to gift exchange during these times with COVID-19.

If your family or just yourself like baking, another fun activity to do is to bake sugar cookies and decorate them. This can be a one person activity or the whole family could get involved and help decorate the cookies. A competition can even be made for the whole family to see who has the best looking cookie. If unsure how to make sugar cookies, there is many different recipes online available.

Another way to stay occupied during Christmas break is doing some arts and crafts. This suggestion is probably geared more towards the artists, but you can paint a Christmas themed canvas and make nice handmade decorations to put around your home. A way to include family is get together and each make an ornament for the tree, each make a Christmas card, or design and make a gingerbread house.

One more way to stay entertained during the holiday at home is to watch Christmas movies. This is another way to include the whole family as you all can sit around the television and binge watch holiday classics.