Student Council is looking for new members


Seth Visnofsky, Staff Writer

With the return to school the Student Council is back up and running. The Student Council is looking for and accepting new members, as very soon they will be decorating the school for Spirit Week and need all the help they can receive. Ms. Coletta, the new Student Council advisor, and the council members look forward to meeting new members and furthering the impact the Student Council has on the school.

Q. What is the Student Council and what does it do?
Ms. Coletta: “The Student Council is a group of student leaders who plan, organize, and carry out school activities/events, promote school community, and participate in service projects. The student council shares the ideas and interests of the school community, contributes to school spirit, and gains leadership skills in the process.”

Q. What will the Student Council be doing this year?
Ms. Coletta: “So far, it is hard to tell! With COVID, each day is a bit unknown, so we are trying to play it by ear. Currently, we are planning a Holiday Spirit Week and plan to do more fun things in the future!”

Q. What has the Clearfield Student Council done in the past years for the school?
Ms. Coletta: “The Clearfield Student Council has done a LOT in the past years for the school! Homecoming, Senior Night, dances, fundraisers, and more!”

Q. What should aspiring Student Council members do to join?
Ms. Coletta: “Anyone who wants to join Student Council should send me a message on Teams or stop in my classroom (room 100) any chance they get! (If you are interested in leadership, event planning, and/or making an impact on the school and community, Student Council will be a good fit for you.)”

Q. What should new members be excited about this year?
Ms. Coletta: “New members should be excited because, even though this year is a challenge, we get to practice creativity and flexibility, plan events for next year, and gain experience with leading during a pandemic.”

Q. Who are the officers for Student Council this year?
Ms. Coletta: “President Seth Visnofsky, Vice President Josie Narehood, Secretary Crae Ruiz, and Treasurer Mason Marshall.”

Q. What is your role as the advisor to the Student Council?
Ms. Coletta: “As the advisor, my role is to ensure that the club is functioning correctly and to oversee the decisions being made. Student Council is student-run, so the members are in charge, developing and showcasing their leadership skills.”

Q. When will the Student Council meet and what happens at a meeting?
Ms. Coletta: “As of now, the Student Council meets once a week. Meetings occur right after school, in room 100, and we discuss any upcoming events, ideas, and plans.”

Q. Finally, why should more people join the Student Council?
Ms. Coletta: “More people should join Student Council because it’s YOUR school! By joining Student Council, you have a say in what is done and what impact is made.”

As can be seen above the Student Council is a great opportunity for you to further your impact on the school and help the school become a more student friendly environment.