Movie Review: The Princess Switch



Cassie Eamigh, Staff Writer

As we approach the Christmas season, a good way to get in the holiday spirit is to watch a heartwarming Christmas movie. One of my favorites is this feel-good romantic Netflix original movie “The Princess Switch.” Rated PG and directed by Mike Rohl, it stars actors such as Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, Nick Sager and more. This film is 102 minutes long and was released to Netflix on November 16, 2018.

The Princess Switch is about a Chicago baker, Stacy DeNovo, who owns a successful bakery with her lifelong friend, Kevin. When Kevin enters their business in a competitive baking competition, they leave to the Kingdom of Belgravia where they encounter a series of events that lead up to Stacy bumping into Lady Margaret, the fiancée of Prince Edward. The two are struck by their identical looks, and Lady Margaret suggests that they switch places for a couple of days, then switch back in time for Stacy’s competition and her and Prince Edward’s wedding. Will the identical girls be able to pull this off or will they encounter major setbacks and love challenges along the way?

Overall, I feel that this holiday movie is worth watching. It will make you feel good and put you in the Christmas spirit. Even though it is predictable, it keeps you entertained and will give you a good laugh. I recommend The Princess Switch for all ages and audiences.