The G.O.A.T debate. Who is the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan or Lebron James?



Simon Quigley, Staff Writer

The debate on who is the greatest basketball player of all time has been going back and forth for several years now with both sides staying fairly even when debating this topic. When talking about this topic, it is important to take into account three key things that a player needs to be the greatest of all time. I have divided it up into three of the key categories to help people determine their own opinion on who is the better basketball player. These three categories include championships, stats, and defining moments in their careers. 

First, when looking at championships, both have won multiple. However, Michael Jordan does have both a better record and more wins in the finals going 6-0 and winning three straight tittles not once but twice. While on the other hand, Lebron James has more appearances but overall a worse record and less championships than Jordan his record is currently 4-6 in the finals. One of the biggest arguments people like to make is the fact that James has harder competition than Jordan which shows why his record is as bad as it is. But, if you look closer into it Jordan had a way harder path to the finals having to go up against way tougher opponents in the Eastern Conference while James’s path seemed almost like a guarantee to make a finals run every year. However, James did have the tougher competition while competing in the finals. 

Second, when looking at the stats, Lebron is the clear winner in this department. While Jordan does have the edge against James in steals all time, Lebron has already surpassed Jordan in every other major statistical reference. These include points, assist, rebounds, blocks, field goal percentage, and three-point percentage. However, when taken into account Jordan missed two seasons of his prime when he made the switch over to baseball in between him three peating. Although that’s the case, Lebron has the advantage in this one since he clearly has the better stats and hit them all when he was younger than Jordan. 

Third, When it comes to Key Moments for Jordan there are two that stick out above the rest and that is “the shot” that he made in game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals over a player from the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the game and send his team to the finals. And the shot he made in game six of the finals against the Utah Jazz when he dribbles to his right, stopping on a dime and pulling up hitting the game sealing shot to win his team the finals. 

All in all, both players are the best of the best when it comes to the sport of basketball and that can’t be taken away from either of these athletes. They are without a doubt the number one and two when talking about the best, but as to whoever takes the crown the ball is in your hands.