Mr. Gearhart shares information about the upcoming winter sports season


Braylon Obleman, Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: Gov. Tom Wolf issued the following press release on December 10: “All sports at K-12 public schools, nonpublic schools, private schools and club, travel, recreational, intermural, and intramural sports are paused. The Pennsylvania Principals Association is recommending a delay to the start of the winter sports season” (

The winter sports coming this season may look a lot different. Mr. Gearhart, the high school athletic director, shared his thoughts and his expectations for the season.

Mr. Gearhart’s stated: “My main concern is the thought of our athletes not being able to compete.” The athletic director also added the atmosphere is going to be completely and totally different without as many fans and cheerleaders in the stands.

Another thing that was addressed was fans in the stands. Only two people per household will be allowed to come to the games. This provides a much safer way of having our fans for multiple reasons. One reason being of course less people in the stands is important, but another plus out of the two members per household rule is that it provides an easier way to track where and when people were in proximity of each other.

Mr. Gearhart also said it would be a shame to not get to watch our athletes compete this season. He also stated that they will follow all the protocols given by the Department of Health for this season. Even though these may be difficult with COVID, I believe Mr. Gearhart, the Department of Health, and the school itself have great rules and protocols set in place for Clearfield to have a safe season.