Mrs. Davis says her goodbyes at close of 2020



Mrs. Davis

Cassie Eamigh, Staff Writer

Mrs. Davis was one of our Administrative Assistants to our Principal and has been working at Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School for 24 years. Her retirement took effect Jan. 4, 2021. Some of her duties in the office included organizing awards day and graduation activities, as well as getting substitute coverage for teachers and assisting them and students with whatever they needed.

Mrs. Davis has enjoyed being a part of our school’s staff. Her favorite part was getting the chance to make amazing friendships, along with being a part of many student’s lives. Some of her favorite memories include pep assemblies, spirit week, and watching students perform in musicals, plays, and athletic events. In her free time after retirement, she plans to do some crafting, reading, and traveling. She also plans to spend more time with her family, especially her granddaughters.

Our students here at Clearfield are going to miss Mrs. Davis. One of our seniors, Paige Rhine, expresses, “I feel sad to see Mrs. Davis go because she was always a nice welcome to the office, and she assisted me with whatever I needed. She was so kind and helpful whenever I need it the most. She will definitely be missed in the office.” Another student, junior Nick Unch says, “I am upset that she is leaving because she was always so nice to me and helped me anytime I needed it in the office. I am sure a lot of the students and staff will miss her, as well.”

As you can see, Mrs. Davis has had quite an impact on our students. But students were not the only ones she has impacted. Our Vice Principle, Mr. Scaife has gotten the opportunity to make some fond memories with Mrs. Davis. “There are too many to mention, she has always been a consummate professional and has a big heart,” Mr. Scaife expressed. “I am extremely happy for her, but I am going to miss her dearly. She was a great wealth of knowledge and support.”

With this, Mrs. Davis would like to leave us students, faculty, and staff with: “Continue doing the wonderful and amazing things that make our school the best there is and GO BISON!!!”