Dr. Spaid announces retirement at end of year


Dr. Spaid at her desk

Everett Miller, Staff Writer

We here at the Clearfield Area Jr/Sr High School wanted to shine a light on one particular member of the staff that many students recognize as someone who can help them along their path through high school and into the world. Dr. Susan Spaid, guidance counselor for juniors and seniors, is the very reason some students found the school or trade that best suited their interests and laid out the best possible course of action for them, meeting with anyone who had come seeking counsel. As she leaves our school at the end of this year entering retirement, we would like to show our appreciation for all that she had done for us.

Having been with us since 2007, working with countless kids who have come through her office doors and having had a positive impact on so many, and having helped students find their passions has been her favorite part of working with us here. As she leaves us after 13 years, she states, “I have truly enjoyed my time at Clearfield. I have learned a lot. I made some great friendships that will continue after I retire. I will always remember with great fondness my work with students and how I made a difference for many of them. This job has been amazingly rewarding.” Instead of hanging up the hat, she will continue to provide counseling to members of her church even in retirement.

As she departs at the end of the year, she wanted to leave these statements with future and current students, those who have had her to guide them and those who have not: “Stay true to yourself, don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something. Believe in yourself and work hard and you will accomplish your goals. You are amazing, don’t ever forget that!”

While here she didn’t’ just take the role of counselor. She also practically became the front of the School’s Bocce team, asaying that it has been one of the most rewarding things she will experience and been a part of while working her. She feels genuinely touched by the relationships she saw form and hopes the program will continue in the future.

As she leaves us to enter the next chapter of her life, we can only appreciate what she has done for countless students who have walked the halls and found themselves or their passions thanks to one individual.

Finally, on behalf of the students and staff we would like to wish you luck and say once more, thank you.