Looking forward to Spring 2021 events?

Everett Miller, Staff Writer

While entering a new year during a pandemic with no clear end in sight I am here to quickly remind you of some of the possible upcoming events and what you can look forward to, as well as how to help make them happen.

Many students here can agree that they too feel a monotony to the days and look forward to seeing this pandemic finally being over. But as it was stated by Mr. Scaife, to make sure everyone stays safe during these times and to help make the events that are in planning take place, we ask that you please wear your mask correctly. Always pulling it completely over your nose possible during the day. As well as washing your hands and keeping socially distanced to ensure we keep numbers of COVID-19 cases as low as possible.

The first major event that is in the process of preparation is the 2021 Prom, which many people look forward to, especially since last years was not able to be held due to the Pandemic and restrictions. This year it seems as if we could be looking at holding a Prom at the Country Club and preparations have begun to make this event happen.

The other major event that students, especially seniors, have been asking about is Graduation. At the current moment it is uncertain how this ceremony will be held, whether it will be like last year’s or returning to how it had previously been held. Nonetheless, it is something that the seniors as well as some of the other students are looking forward to and are hoping takes place.

Another point worth mentioning if you plan on celebrating the various holidays through the year. If hosting or attending events, please be sure to follow CDC guidelines as to better ensure that we have these school events to look forward to as we march our way through this pandemic. With that being said, stay strong and stay safe Clearfield!