Does technology help or hinder creativity?


Summer Wynn, Staff Writer

Look at the world around you. It is definitely not the same as it was just years before. A lot of different aspects of your daily lives have changed, even if you do not really realize some of them. But what, you may ask, pushed these changes that we are seeing in our lives? The answer is simple: technology. Technology has been both a blessing and a curse in the lives of those in many different countries around the world. Children have seemed to be the most influenced by these new technological advancements, seeing as though they are incorporated heavily into their everyday lives through newfound ways of providing education.

The phrase has often been used nowadays that technology is “rotting the brains” of the children of this new generation. But why is that you may ask? Many adults believe that technology is shielding children from living their lives to the fullest and experiencing everything that the world has to offer. They believe that technology is ultimately hindering rather than helping children grow into the strong-minded individuals that they are meant to be.

Children of today have been introduced to a great amount of technology, from new-age gaming consoles to even fancy new cars. They were born in a period of large technological advancements, making all these newly found wonders normal and practical to them. Many of those children have been sucked into the world of video games. Video games have really been the main source of entertainment for children, whether they are three years old or seventeen years old. These games have allowed them to immerse themselves into a whole new world, making many people believe that children are not living up to their full potential in the real world because of it.

On the opposing side, technology for the children of today is so much deeper than just the video games that are the “unhealthy use of technology”. Technology has opened a brand-new world to children. Take this for example: the advancement of technology has inspired many young individuals to investigate careers that are revolved around technology and created bigger and better advancements for the future. This includes, but is not limited to, coding, mechanical engineering, software development, and believe it or not, art.

Personally, while I was applying to different universities, I was amazed at how many different career fields were revolved around technology. Never would I have expected to find people who wanted to major in studies such as database administration and network engineering. To be quite honest, I had no clue that those type of majors existed. But thanks to technology, many new careers have been opened for the children of today to investigate and quite possibly pursue.

In conclusion, there are many different opinions revolving around whether technology is helping or hindering the creativity of children in today’s world, but one crucial fact stands out. Technology is the world of tomorrow and it is important for the children of today to start understanding and discovering it. Later in life, it may help them gain a career, or even just simply giving them the knowledge that they may need to problem solve in the future. All in all, I believe that technology does not hinder the creativity and the minds of children today.