All about Materials Processing I with Mr. Pistner


Amanda McCracken, Staff Writer

The Clearfield Area Junior/Senior High School offers three different wood shop classes. Recently Mr. Pistner, who teaches these classes, gave some insight on the class Material Processing 1, which is the main class he teaches.

Materials Processing 1 is open to students in grades 9th-12th and Mr. Pistner encourages “all students regardless of grade, skill or academics to take the class”. Students should look into taking this class because, according to Mr. Pistner: “Anyone can benefit from learning how to use tools and see how things are made. It is a fun way to change up the day and look into something that you can benefit from in the future or find a cool hobby. Plus we get to get sawdusty and noisy so it can be entertaining.”

While taking the class students will complete two projects, the first being a candy dispenser and the second being a side table that students can put anywhere in their home. Due to COVID-19, there are times when students cannot be in the shop, but Mr. Pistner gave a look at what the class is like while virtual: “My class is a mix of things when we go virtual. We look into famous woodworkers, examples, and television shows to learn from the pros and find examples that students can reflect on in the future if they choose to do woodworking on their own.”

Materials Processing 1 seems like a fun and interesting class to take, and Mr. Pistner would like students to know “it’s okay to try new things and push the envelope. Even if you don’t think you will like the class it can be a unique experience and maybe teach you something about yourself. There are a lot of mathematical, artistic, and creative principals that go into this class and everyone has a chance to find something they like about it.”