Clearfield High’s spring play will be virtual


Taylor Humenay

Summer Wynn, Staff Writer

In the recent years, the Clearfield Area Jr-Sr High School has always had a large student-wide interest in the performing arts. For the 2021 spring play one of our very own students, Taylor Humenay, has taken the time to write a play of her own for the students to perform. However, the play will be set up a bit differently this year than it has been in the previous years due to the pandemic at hand.

This year, the spring play will be pre-recorded and uploaded to YouTube for the public to watch. This will ensure that everyone can watch the play from the safety of their homes without having to worry about Covid-19 restrictions or social distancing at a public event. The play will only be performed once to a select audience on May 6th. To ensure the safety of the cast, the play will be recoded in multiple different scenes and will be put together in a way that Humenay describes to be “like a movie.”

All of the rehearsals for the play have been done over a video call on Microsoft Teams, much like our students do for their classes occasionally. Soon, the cast will be together on the stage in order to do a full rehearsal of the play while still following the safety guidelines for Covid-19.

Humenay wrote this play with inspiration from the current pandemic, entitling it “The Sickness and the Show.” The play is said to “follow three separate storylines as five everyday citizens deal with such a life-changing situation.”

The cast would like you all to know that they have been working quite hard on this performance and to make sure to check out their performance once it is uploaded on to YouTube in the near future. More information will be available for the audience as the upload date draws closer.

The cast list is as follows:

The Host: Sage Hoppe

Percy: Mason Marshall

Grace: Emmalynne Groth

Tobias: Phillip Peters

Laura: Peyton Reese

Hunter: Evan Forcey

Edith: Beth Struble

Joe: Ben Leighow

Radio Host: Hope Wagner

Dr. Realscientist: Peyton Norris

Mr./Mrs. Realteacher: Emma Quick

Ensemble: Hope Wagner, Peyton Norris, Emma Quick, and Chloe Odrosky