Track and Field starts spring practice after missing last year



Students gather indoors at a recent Track and Field practice session.

Lindsay Hartline, Staff Writer

Spring sports have started, which means that Track and Field has started up again. Last year, Clearfield Area Junior/Senior High School shut down two weeks after the first Track and Field practice. Many students were disheartened to hear that their favorite spring sports would not be able to happen. However, this year there is hope again for all of the runners out there.

The first official Track and Field practice was held March 8. If you do wish to join Track and Field at this point in time, you must have a physical completed. Track and Field is a great way to get and stay in shape if that is something you are interested in. There is a variety of options for each individual person such as sprinting, long distance running, jumping, shotput, and so much more.

Coach Caragein, the head coach of Track and Field, would  like to remind everyone: “Even though we are able to have track now, that can change at any moment. So, wear your masks and social distance.”

Track and Field practice happens every day after school at the high school from 3:15 p.m. to around 4:30 p.m.; however, practice can run until around 5:30 p.m. at times. Anyone grades 9-12 can join Track and Field. Contact Coach Caragein for more information. For information about varsity meets, view the 2021 spring schedule.

If you are in grades 7-8 you can join Junior High Track and Field; just be sure to speak with Coach Yingling. You can find the 2021 Junior High track schedule here.