Students assist in the community Easter egg hunt


Mrs. Mease’s students help fill the eggs for the hunt.

Christina McGinnis, Staff Writer

Every year Fun Central, a local business in Clearfield that provides child services, holds an Easter egg hunt. They make the hunt special by splitting the children up into age groups. This allows for everyone to get plenty of eggs. The reason that this event is so remarkable is because the business has 15,000 eggs to distribute and over 100 prizes to give out, says Ms. Mease, a teacher at the high school whose students participate in the hunt. By doing this, the business owner can give back to the community and give something fun for the children to participate in.

The staff from Fun Central oversees the egg hunt. It occurs every year the Saturday before Easter. This year it was on April 3. The participants may be anywhere from 1 to 14 years old. This year, because of COVID-19, the business owner adhered to CDC guidelines and everyone was required to wear a mask.

Ms. Mease’s students volunteer every year to fill the eggs for this event. She states: “The totes of plastic eggs and candy get dropped off out back of the school and my students bring them down to our classroom. They start off by inventorying all the candy. This year they had over 25,000 pieces of candy to count! The business owner wants to know a count so that he can start planning for next year’s hunt.” Her students have been volunteering for this event for five years. Ms. Mease says that she felt it would be a fun community service activity that she and her students could partake in.

Ms. Mease would like to add that her students really enjoy helping with this community service activity. “They work on math skills, fine and gross motor skills, organizational skills, and volunteer service skills. As an added bonus…the business owner thanks my students with an afternoon of fun at Fun Central and a pizza and soda party!”