How did the new scheduling procedure work?


Lindsay Hartline

Kayliann Bryan after speaking with The Stampede.

Lindsay Hartline, Staff Writer

As many may have heard there is a new way of scheduling classes happening this year. Dr.  Spaid, junior-senior Guidance Counselor, was able to sit down and give The Stampede a follow-up interview to the previous article written about the scheduling when it first started. This year, students sat down with their guidance counselors, one-on-one, to schedule next year’s classes before the end of the current school year.

Dr.  Spaid said: “It is great to be able to give students their schedules before they leave for summer break so they don’t have to wait until August to see their schedules.  Doing it this way, students get the classes they want and their schedule is the way they want it.  Before, we would just let the system do the scheduling and many times students had holes in their schedules and did not get the classes they wanted.”

Dr. Spaid would also like to state that “Mr. Scaife wanted to make it better for the students. He is the one that has to deal with the computer system and all the bugs that arise when we allow Sapphire to do the scheduling for us.  He thought if we did it this way, it would be better for the students and actually for the counselors since we would not have to do ‘clean up’ of the schedules.  We actually did this last year, but we did it via zoom or phone because we were closed for Covid.  It was better this year being able to meet face to face.” Each guidance counselor was able to do all of the work in their respective office while being COVID-19 safe.

“I want to thank the students for coming to me prepared to schedule.  Most students knew what they wanted to take and had identified electives they were interested in.  I tried to get everyone what they wanted, but the master schedule didn’t always permit that.  If I could not get a student everything they wanted, I tried to get them the best schedule I could.  I am glad we did it this way.  It will be fun to see the students do their next year’s schedule the last couple days of school.  I think that will be a great experience,” informed Dr. Spaid.

Kayliann Bryan, a junior at Clearfield Area Junior/Senior High School, noted that “my experiences with getting my schedule for next year was fairly simple, but, I did get a bit nervous just because I never know what I should say in the moment. But that’s pretty much it. Other than being nervous, everything went pretty smoothly.”