Mr. Scaife plans ‘Move Up Day’ for grades 6-11


Karli Bietz, Staff Writer

At the end of the 2020-21 school year, Mr. Scaife has two days designated for a new plan called “Move Up Day”. This is going to be two days, June 1-2, during which students will follow their schedules for the upcoming school year to get a sneak peak at what their day is going to look like.

The idea of this plan, according to Mr. Scaife is to “ease the anxiety of the coming school year for our students and make them more familiar with their new schedule and teachers.” Mr. Scaife also added that the idea has developed from reading about and studying what other schools around us have done to help their students transition into their next academic year.

Not only does this plan include all classes that the students will be taking for the 2021-2022 year, but the students who plan on attending the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center will have the opportunity to go there on their designated morning/afternoon.

If students wish to change their schedule after experiencing the “Move Up Day,” they may do so during the traditional schedule change at the beginning of the next school year.