Boys Tennis wrapping up their season


Cleafield’s Isakk Way waiting for his serve.

Christina McGinnis, Staff Writer

The Clearfield Bison boys tennis team is near the end of their season and have had some challenges that they had to surpass.

The boys team consists of four freshman, two juniors, and three seniors. The freshman are Braylen Way, Ethan Evilsizor, Ben Wriglesworth, and Anthony Lopez. The two Juniors are Isakk Way and Will Brickely. The three seniors are Devan DeSantis, Seth Visnofsky, and Ryan Norman.

With that being said, Scott Way, Head coach, explains that the biggest challenge was the small team numbers. The team is very new and has little experience. Isakk Way and Devan DeSantis are the only two that show experience. Coach Way also adds that the weather has been a huge factor this season. Even with the weather, the team still had a full schedule.

The team’s goals were to win the Mountain League title and to win the District 9 Title. Unfortunately, the team did not win the Mountain League or the District Title. They lost in the semifinals of District 9 team match. They went in as the third seed, says Coach Way. While they might not have met their initial goal, they still awarded four letter winners. They are Devan DeSantis, Isakk Way, Seth Visnofsky, and Will Brickely.

Coach Way explains that the team had a great season and they have developed very nicely. He states: “With the younger guys this season, Isakk who has been with me since freshman year, and Will Brickely really improving, I am looking forward to next season already.”