Homecoming dance is a night to remember

Faith Gardner, Scarlett Singleton, Beth Struble, Riley Vaow, Emma Quick, Evan Forcey, Abigail Simcox, and Ava Lynch.

Cara Turner, Staff Writer

Our homecoming dance was on the Saturday after the homecoming football game, September 11, 2021. The dance was very well decorated and had a great turnout for our first homecoming dance back after COVID-19 which put an end to all our schools’ activities.

One of the chaperons, Mrs. Wingate, whose opinion of the dance was, “We had a great turnout. There were about 200 kids there dancing and enjoying themselves. After the tough year, we all had last year, it was wonderful to see a somewhat normal school function.”

Mrs. Smay, the student council advisor, decorated the whole cafeteria by herself and added that she was glad we had the dance. She played a huge part in getting this entire dance together and even had the idea to change it from being right after the football game to being on its own separate day in hopes that more students would attend.

For the most part, students enjoyed attending the dance, getting dressed up, and hanging out with their friends.

One of the students that attended, Emma Quick, explained, “Homecoming was a great time to dress up and be with friends again!” Another student, Lanni Palmer, said that she had fun with her friends at the dance. Madi Evans added, “It was good but if you could have requested music it would’ve been better.” Adding on Haley Wilson also said, “I think the dance would have been more fun with better music but really other than that it was fun.” Last but not least Mitchell Rowles described the dance as uneventful, but he had fun dressing up.

Overall, the dance had a great turnout compared to previous years. And everyone at least enjoyed dressing up to attend homecoming.