Bison football kicks off promising season


Bison players from left to right, Oliver Billotte, Josh Steele.

Isaac Samsel, Staff Writer

In 2020, the Clearfield Bison had a rough season. They finished the season with a record of 4-2, only playing four regular season games, compared to their typical ten games. Although the season would have been shortened by two games, due to the summer camp being taken away, being forced to quarantine for two games did not help the case. The oddities of the season did not stop there; only a limited number of fans were allowed to each game due to COVID-19 procedures. This coming season looks more promising than the last, in every aspect.

Mr. Janocko, head coach of varsity, had a lot to say about his players and how he is excited for a more regular season. Of all of the players this season, coach Janocko says he has seen a lot of the juniors and seniors step up and become leaders. Four of these players, who are the captains of the team, are as follows: Josh Steele, Karson Kline, Oliver Billotte, and Hayden Kovalick. He has also seen freshmen and sophomores step up and play with the varsity starters to help the team get better. These are things he has seen all season that have made him proud and excited about this year’s team, said the coach.

Being back to normal has everyone in high spirits rolling into the season. In addition to Coach Janocko, Oliver Billotte, the varsity quarterback, had some thoughts on getting back to normal this year. He believes the shift back to normalcy gives him the support to have a strong season. He expressed, “It’s been a super stressful year and a lot has happened,” as others would say. Both Mr. Janocko and Oliver love seeing fans back in the stands again, as they agree that the atmosphere is everything to Friday nights for the players and intensity of the games. A strong addition to the fans this year is the student section at home games. This loud, exhilarating pack of students lights up the stands as they cheer for the Bison every single play.

Moving forward, the whole team looks to improve and get better every week. Coach Janocko’s vision for the athletes is for them to improve both on and off the field. He not only wants to see his players become responsible, respectable young men, but people who can perform both on the field, and in the real, always changing world.

The rest of the season, the Bison hope to stay as normal as possible. They have taken effective precautions this year as a better understanding of COVID-19 has been obtained. The players are split up between two buses on the way to away games. Varsity starters are on one bus and junior-varsity players are on a second. All players are spread out and wear masks when on the buses and in the locker rooms.

State playoffs are in the eyes of the Bison. Although, every week is a crucial week of preparations. Oliver explains, “Every game is the most important game, week by week.” He believes the Bison are their own enemy when it comes to focusing and putting in the necessary time for each and every game.

Coach Janocko says that every week is a week to get better. So that they can walk away this season with a trophy, but more importantly great memories and lessons of pushing through adversity. As a final message, he is thankful for all of the fans that come out to watch the games, and he urges fans to keep attending the games.