Mrs. Bryan enjoys exciting beginning in English Department

Mrs. Bryan, smiling, in awaits of the new year.

Mitchell Rowles

Mrs. Bryan, smiling, in awaits of the new year.

Mitchell Rowles, Staff Writer

The English Department has welcomed a new face in that of Mrs. Sarah Bryan. She is a graduate of Philipsburg-Osceola High School who then went on to pursue a career in English.

Mrs. Bryan has enjoyed her time here very much so far, she said. Her favorite part of working here has been being with her 120 students and getting to know each and every one of them. She said her greatest challenge thus far has been learning her students’ names.

Mrs. Bryan went to school at the local Philipsburg-Osceola High School with her now husband, Mr. Drew Bryan, and graduated in 2014. She then attended Virginia Tech and pursued English as an undergrad and then attended Penn State for her master’s degree.

When she was younger, she said she always knew that she was going to do something with English as she has always loved to write. Mrs. Bryan decided to major in this subject because she always had a knack for English.

In her free time, Mrs. Bryan enjoys walking her dog, hiking, and going to coffee shops with her husband when she gets the chance. In her day-to-day job she tries to create a love for writing and at the beginning of her class lets her students do a free write to write about whatever they like.

What drives her to stay motivated is her students. She tries to make each one of her students feel comfortable by answering all questions and setting a positive mood for the class, she said. Her students’ lives impact the way she works. She tries to put students into a good mindset for the day by doing appreciate animals Friday, meditation practices, and listening to relaxing sounds before they start their day.

Mrs. Bryan said her dad inspires her to give back to her community and become a better person. Some advice she’d give to high school students is that “it’s okay to not know what you’d like to do yet in life if you haven’t got it figured out. High school is a time to have fun with your friends. In the end you will figure it out.”