Eric Fletcher only golfer to make it to districts this year


Eric Fletcher

Mitchell Rowles, Staff Writer

Senior Eric Fletcher was introduced to the game of golf when he was just 9 by his father and pap but joined Clearfield High School’s varsity golf team his freshman year when some of his friends thought it would be fun for him.

As a sophomore, Eric was involved in an ATV crash and had to re-learn how to walk,  how to move his arms, and had countless hours of physical therapy to recover physically. He knew at the time that he wouldn’t be able to play basketball because of the physical contact so he decided to focus most of his time on golf the fall after his wreck.

This season, Eric played well enough to be the only one from Clearfield to make it to the District Championship for golf. According to Eric, his match went something like this:

Eric was sitting at an even par through 11. At 12 he said he hit a “horrid” tee shot and chipped up to a 3-putt and got a double-bogey. At hole 13, Eric said he didn’t realize they had moved the tee boxes up, and he decided to play up and hit his 3-wood 270 yards into a creek. After over-shooting the green, Eric had a 2-putt double-bogey. At hole 14, he sliced his ball into a creek 285 yards away and ended up hitting a triple-bogey. The remainder of the match went par, bogey, par and bogey.

Once the match ended, Eric said he went up to his coach, Chad Gearhart, and shook his hand, thanking him for the amazing high school golf experience.