A Christmas Prince is a must watch


Abby Ryan , Staff Writer

Looking for a Christmas movie to get you into the Christmas spirit? Try “A Christmas Prince”! A Christmas Prince is a Christmas romantic comedy directed by Alex Zamm and written by Karen Schaler and Nathan Atkins. This movie stars Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Tom Knight, Sarah Douglas, Daniel Fathers, Alice Krige and Tahirah Sharif. The film was released on Netflix on November 17, 2017. A sequel, titled A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, was released in 2018 and another one in 2019, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. So, if you’re up to it, watch them all!

In A Christmas Prince, leading up to Christmas, a young American journalist, Amber Moore, is sent abroad to cover a press conference given by Prince Richard. While the press conference began to come to an end, she refused to leave with the press pack. This refusal led her to snoop around the palace and end up being mistaken for Princess Emily’s new tutor. Amber plays along and takes the identity as the tutor, and ends up meeting the royal family, including Richard. Amber becomes attracted to Richard after learning more about him.

Back home, the magazine Amber works for denies Amber’s story on Richard, calling it a “puff piece”. In rage, she quits the magazine, leading her to blog about the true Richard instead. This blog becomes popular and eventually even gains the attention of Richard. In awe, Richard surprises Amber, where she was spending New Year’s Eve at her father’s New York City diner. He tells Amber that he is truly in love with her and proposes, which she eagerly accepts.

Overall, I would recommend this film for anyone who is looking for a movie to get them in the Christmas spirit. The movie is filled with wholesome messages about staying true to yourself and listening to your heart. A definite watch for fans who like their happy endings.