The Christmas Chronicles proves to be a wonderful holiday film


Elle Smith, Staff Writer

The Christmas Chronicles is a heartwarming, family-friendly Christmas movie featuring two siblings, Kate and Teddy. Kate, the younger of the two, is a fun-loving girl who has a strong passion for Christmas, and Teddy is a typical rebellious teenager, who seems to have been headed down the wrong path ever since their father died tragically in a fire. The siblings tend to argue a lot, which is stressful for both them and their mother, who’s only wish for Christmas is for them to get along.

On Christmas Eve, however, the pair encounters Santa Clause, who, upon being surprised by the kids, wrecks his sleigh, loses the bag of toys, and becomes separated from his reindeer. Santa, along with Kate and Teddy, are forced to work together, scouring the streets of Chicago in order to find the supplies and save Christmas before it is too late.

Personally, I adored the plot from start to finish, and I really enjoyed how everything came full circle. I also found it interesting that Santa Clause had a very unique personality. Rather than being the stereotypical “jolly old Saint Nick”, he turned out to be witty and happy-go-lucky, which provided some humor to the movie as a whole.

The Christmas Chronicles, which is a wholesome film that highlights the importance of family and Christmas spirit, can be found on Netflix, and it is rated PG, so it’s the perfect movie to watch with your family this holiday season.