Mrs. Martin joins junior high English staff


Mrs. Martin

Taylor Blantz, Staff Writer

This year among many new teachers, we had the great opportunity to add Mrs. Martin to our staff. She currently teaches 7th and 8th grade English at the high school.

Mrs. Martin had a lot of things to say that help us learn a bit more about her. She started to teach last year at Mifflin County School District. Throughout her high school years, English was always her favorite subject to learn. “As cliche as this may sound, the best thing that has happened since starting here has been my students. Each day they surprise me in one way or another. They’re always stopping by to see me, giving me little drawings and gifts, and making me proud with how smart they are!” Mrs. Martin says.

She explains that her co-workers treat her with much kindness and respect and she isn’t sure what she would do without their help around the classroom and school.

Asked about favorite classes, she said: “My 8th graders keep me laughing and my 7th graders keep me on my toes…they never cease to shock me. This age group and content is just so fun to teach!!!”