STEM Class for Freshmen is beneficial

A Fischer Technik Optics Kit project.

Elle Smith, Staff Writer

For any freshmen who are curious about technology and science, Mrs. Baughman’s STEM class is a great place to start. “The purpose of this STEM class is for students to build a foundation of real-life skills such as problem-solving, communication, and collaboration while working with various technologies,” Mrs. Baughman comments, “The skills learned in STEM are valuable resources for careers of the future.”

STEM is the perfect class for students to grow their knowledge and learn about skills and technologies on their own. When asked about her approach in the classroom, Mrs. Baughman says, “The learning process is more student-directed than teacher-facilitated…My role in the classroom is to guide and facilitate student thinking and problem-solving.” She goes on to say, “Many times, when students ask questions, I do not provide a direct answer, but I will give advice or guide their thinking to where they can find the solution.” This way of learning is directed so that students are free to experiment and discover things with the help of technology. In the words of Mrs. Baughman, “…learning is the most valuable when you discover it yourself.”