Math tutoring is now in business


The two math tutors from left to right; Mrs. Bookhamer and Mr. Miller

Isaac Samsel, Staff Writer

Do you struggle with math? Every school year at the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School, Mrs. Bookhamer and Mr. Miller take the time to come in early, or stay late after school, to help students in need of mathematical guidance. This year, math tutoring started around the beginning of the second quarter. It is held Monday through Thursday from 7:00-7:30 a.m. and from 2:55-3:25 p.m. Mrs. Bookhamer adds, “However, if a student needs tutoring on a Friday, all they need to do is ask Mrs. Bookhamer or Mr. Miller and we would be happy to meet with them on a Friday.”

During tutoring, the student is able to do math work with the guidance of a teacher, and the goal is to strengthen the concepts they are learning, explains Mrs. Bookhamer. For example, Mr. Miller adds, “This could be work from school or even practice SAT work.” Overall, any help a student needs with their math homework or just needs to grasp the concept more, these amazing teachers may help.

There is a lot that goes on in these half hours before and after school. Typically, there are only a few students in the mornings, but a larger group in the afternoons, stated the tutors. Although there may be several students, both teachers say that the one-on-one time with students is very helpful and valuable. This is because they may be afraid to ask questions, or some students just do not learn well in a group like they do one-on-one with the teacher. This allows for the student and teacher relationship to be more comfortable and there is no fear of asking a “dumb” question.

The two teachers both express that they notice students having a better understanding of the concepts they have been helped with. This also gives them an overall boost in confidence to math, stated Mr. Miller. When asked if other subjects should be open to a tutoring program Mrs. Bookhamer stated it was more up to the teachers, but it would be useful due to the challenge of COVID-19 the last two years and the time lost because of it.

Both Mr. Miller and Mrs. Bookhamer have been tutoring for several years. Mrs. Bookhamer for 28 years, and Mr. Miller since he was in college. The reason they have for so long is because they understand math can be a challenging subject, and in the words of Mr. Miller, to be able to work at the pace of the student so it can work better for their overall understanding.

As a final message to anyone who struggles with math, the tutors advise to do your best, and never be afraid to ask for help. They invite all in need to attend tutoring, and they keep an open mind as to how to help.